facesAA To eyes that ‘see’ it will not matter what clothes you wear or what job title you brandish. These eyes ‘see’ through the hairstyle and makeup, and ridiculous posturing that keeps you safe in mainstream society, and they understand the earnestness with which you play the game, to reach the top where the money, prestige, and power can by you room for your true identity to step out of the shadow of your facsimile and thrive. Except it doesn’t work out that way…does it?

uptightAs a child I used to wonder why no one noticed how uncomfortable everyone was, and then one day I watched an entire room smile and everyone heave a sigh of relief when a man loosened his necktie and unbuttoned his collar, and a woman kicked off her heels and wiggled her toes. After that, I felt so confused, why would we make ourselves suffer to keep up appearances that hurt, suffocated, and repressed our real beauty? Wasn’t it easier – and healthier – to dress comfortably, speak authentically, and care about ourselves and others? Apparently not.

fathersonCopycatting. Dark glasses on cocked heads trying to suggest this duo has their shit together, but do they? No!  This ‘like father-like son’ duo is anything but close and comfortable together. The boy appears to lean against the older figure but see how the boy’s head tips forward and away from the adult, this actually shifts his weight back onto himself and with the spike of his elbows makes him the more self-assured of the weak pair. Not very proud of his ‘dad’. The older man’s folded arms are tucked into his armpits, self interest, and his gaze is to the floor, suggesting his mind (and body) are definitely elsewhere, and he’s either disgusted or disinterested in a meaningful relationship with the boy.  Surprised? Imagine the difference if the adult rested his hands on the shoulders of youth and cocked his head proudly -with an ‘absolute confidence’ smile.

WOMANINORANGEThis woman is doing her best to appear holiday happy but the way her head is tilting skyward and the fretful wrap of her hands across her solar plexus says she’s not having the time of her life and her expectations for this holiday flat-lined hours earlier. Wistful rather than wishful. Fit to be tied rather than frivolous and free. My heart goes out to her. She gave it her best shot.

FACESYes, I too wonder when will we finally dare to decide to quit the Emperor’s merry-go-round and stand up for our species, yes, honor humanity, understand the gift that is our individuality, cultivate originality, and  create homes and clothes and work environments that respect our skin, allow our bodies to breathe and compute a complete range of motion so we can finally channel our untapped potentials, genius, and excellence away from survival and back into thriving.


With generosity – because the species is one, we are a team, and the LASTING quality of our lives depends on the QUALITY of life our team expresses. Think of the exponential power surge from a genuine “1 for all and all for 1”. No hidden agenda. No secondary gain. No back scratching. No office prostitution.

I’m in favor of…

Version 2

This isn’t selfishness or ego-centrism; it is an existential axiom. You see, all forms of life are engineered to perform a role that serves a specific function, and the value of that life is guaranteed by perfection of its structural design.


angry athleteIf you think building your body into a war machine is the answer to your frustrations with society, think again. It won’t.

This photo screams overkill!  The shoulder girdle has been deformed by an overbuilt, engorged, upper body and taut abs have compromised the diaphragm and reduced respiratory capacity.

BE AWARE: This body is built for violence – and heart attacks.

be legendaryBe legendary? Look again.

This man is gripping a fence while he tries to catch his breath. His body appears dehydrated, and wracked with pain from overexertion. Is this healthy?

posed athleteHer hands and feet are bound with the exercise tape used to protect weak joints. Boobs are packed tight, front and center, with a football at her crotch, legs breached, all of this topped by the face of an unsure, fragile woman. Pretentious shoulders that have misaligned her clavicles and a tiny rib cage, clingy fingers, and undeveloped legs spell sales – but what are we buying?


Well, at least someone is being honest!

headphones athlete


This attire will not make you a better athlete. It will, however, distract you from listening to the very important messages your body is sending.

A very unsound acquisition if you want to take care of your body and become healthier. By creating an alternative sound track, it deters your attention from mindful awareness of your-body-in-motion and all the good that comes from conscious collaboration with your whole being. Instead, you anchor the habit of being unaware – and this is currently a chic form of politically correct SELF HARMING. 

multiimageathleteYour body is a natural athlete that will perform to the best of its ability at all times, on your behalf, in your best interest, and it has a structural design that champions optimal performance.

Do not be blind-sighted by fashion fetishes, tech hype, food bias, and improper training advice.

Champion the natural intelligence of your body. Exercise with respect from the inside out – and you’ll have a healthy, strong, resilient body to accompany you all the days of your life.

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Version 2

We have changed the name “Tumbleweed Diaries” to “The Rshna-logues” to celebrate the course of change. My book has been published. “HUMAN INTERRUPTED: The Social Crime Against Humanity” challenges the contemporary cry against humanity and points the finger at the corrupt social design and contract.  We do rotten things, yes, but the why of this is not genetic,  the why lies with the social imprinting we undergo from birth. I undress this  millennial behemoth so you can what social hooks keep us entrenched in patterns that betray us, as well as the way out. If your curious…  Read more:

Yo, whoever the f*k Hacker you are, how ’bout sum sivilian respekt, huh?


You got props, no doubt about it. I can’t do what you can – and most likely you can’t do what I can – but no problem, you follow your star and I’ll follow mine.

Now, I think hackers serve a purpose so I’m up with the behind-the-scenes-snoop-scoops but if you’re going to interrupt the walkway of my star, then do it to lift me higher rather than waste my time, worry my friends and collaborators, and turn my world upside down for a few hours, okay?

Hunt the social interrupt. Shine a BIG light on the malfeasance of government, education, child development; penetrate the social nightmare we know exists and show us the Dark Knights and Jokers, rip the rotted social protocols out at the seams  and be our New Age Robin Hood!

Whistle blow, and whistle blow, this is your genius – but please, RESPECT the common civilian, don’t f*k with our simply constituted lives just because you can. We don’t need the extra aggravation; we’re swimming against the same currents you are, we want the same quality of life you do, so make us partners and not pissed off enemies.

Pinpoint the real rubbish – social corruption – and clear it! Our human frailty and compromise was born there. That’s the real and monstrous pimple you need to dig your sharpened nails into – and pop!

Use your smarts and skills to interrupt those riverbeds of psycho-social toxins swarming and festering into that ugly, grotesque pimple, yeah, and BE THE CHANGE AGENT you only now pretend to be… hacker

Whoever you are, start using your massive talent andf determination to rock our lives – and world – in the right way!




IF I AM NOT                                  THEN I AM

Intelligent•                            brainless/naïf/irrational/unreasonable/idiot
Strong•                                    weak/unsubstantial
Beautiful•                               unpleasant/ugly/repulsive
Winner•                                   loser/waste of time/disappointing
Rational•                                 physical/blind/unreasoning/nonintellectual
Superior•                                inferior/subordinate/base
Success•                                  failure/ordinary/defeat
Logical•                                   absurd/intuitive/visceral/invalid/irrational
Leader•                                   follower/wimp/copycat/
Responsible•                        idle/problematic/unreliable
Whole•                                   broken/less than/ lost/empty/ a fraction of
Healthy•                                weak/unsound/sick/dysfunctional/deviant
Perfect•                                  defective/blemished/scarred/corrupt
Natural•                                 artificial/violent/metaphysical/miraculous
Normal•                                 aberrant/retarded/exceptional/paranormal
Socially acceptable•         deviant/asocial/freak/rebel/liberal/outcast
Friend•                                   foe/enemy/liar/piece of shit/
Saint •                                     sinner
In •                                           out/outcast/alienated/bullied/isolated/ignored
Enough•                                deficient/insufficient/missing marbles/

 Humanity reflects only what is in the left column. The HUMAN INTERRUPTED is tagged by what is written on the right.

Webinar-smebinar & Hangout-bangout!!!

20140508_074356Everyone is jumping on the latest bandwagon – webinars, hangouts, video-casts and whatever other next-gen ‘fun’ name is taking flight – and for the most part they absolutely suck.

1. You can tell the tenor of the event by the first 90 seconds. Don’t show me your fuss and prep, show me your presence and polish.

I don’t care if it’s your first time presenting, did you prepare? And, I don’t mean write those notes hanging off to the side of your computer, I mean did you stand in front of a mirror and practice your eye contact and speaking?

2. Don’t read from  a PP presentation. I’m not in first grade.

Tell me what isn’t on the PP presentation. Put flesh on that skeleton. I want to savour an insight, after all you’re an expert, right, and you’re calling this event because you have something that will make a difference in the quality of my professional life, right?

3. Don’t begin by telling me you’re selling me at the end. 

Then, I know you’re not doing this for my benefit, you’re doing it for you. You’re going to ‘set me up’ and ‘lead me on’, give me a few pearls but lure me into the trap of buying your product ‘to get the real answers’. F–K you!

In the real world that’s how school bullies get a kids milk money, or the popular girl gets the ugly duckling to serve her whims just to stand close.

4. If you don’t have stage presence or speaking experience get some before you do your webinar. 

Camera is unforgiving. Every detail of your distracted mind and nervous body is visible. Every um, uh, and and wandering eye, fidgeting finger is where the attention goes. Get some training. Show us you are an expert rather than an awkward inexperienced person taking a shot at the latest inroad to business trafficking.

5. Always remember, your viewer’s life is more important than your traffic numbers games. 

Real, living people gather to listen to your wisdom. Real lives, hearts beating, dreams percolating, apprentice minds are open to glean your message. Every second you waste of those lives is an offence. It shows egocentrism rather than ecocentrism. It shows you think you’re hot and we’re not – at least not until we eat from your  hand.

Wrong. Just like the film NETWORK, it’s time to raise the window and shout, “I’m not going to take this crap any more!”

IMG_2119Come on, attendees, let’s DEMAND higher quality  from the presenters.Here’s how:

A. Opt out as soon as you see lack of professional preparedness

B. leave the meeting when the sale flag starts to climbs the flagpole,

C. when they read from the slides on the screen click OFF

D. when they appear distracted by incoming messages or literally start writing  on the computer while trying to form sentences,

E. do not give you their full attention

F. excessively use uh, um, and, uh, um, uh,uh, sniffle, wandering eye, fidget

G. opt out of being the expendable practice toy

H. Make them deliver what they promised up front and in full.

Don’t let anyone sell you short! Make each learning experience an ‘aha’ moment of greatness. Rest assured, you deserve it!